Keto Cheesy Cake 50

Indulge guilt-free in this luscious cake made with almond flour, cream cheese, grass-fed butter, and a zesty kick of lemon, all while staying on track with your keto lifestyle.

Kcal: 331, Fat: 31 g, Carb: 6 g , Protein: 7 g

Tri-Seed Bar 36

A nutritious delight packed with protein, oats, raisins, almond butter, sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds, providing a satisfying and wholesome treat on the go.

Kcal: 118 , Fat: 10 g, Carb: 7 g , Protein: 9 g

Protein Ball 6

A bite-sized powerhouse of flavor and nutrition, combining protein, almond flour, turmeric, cashew butter, and a hint of vanilla extract, offering a delightful and energizing snack.

Kcal: 79, Fat: 3 g, Carb: 4 g , Protein: 9 g

Acai Bowl 45

Dive into a refreshing bowl of goodness, featuring antioxidant-rich acai berries topped with granola, pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, and a drizzle of honey, delivering a guilt-free tropical delight.

Kcal: 276, Fat: 8 g, Carb: 45 g , Protein: 6 g

Keto Twix Bar 25

A low-carb twist on a classic favorite, these bars are crafted with almond flour, peanut butter, rich dark chocolate, and a touch of vanilla extract, satisfying your sweet tooth while keeping you in ketosis.

Kcal: 176, Fat: 16 g, Carb: 5 g , Protein: 3 g

Heavenly Brownie 22

Experience pure bliss with these heavenly brownies made from almond flour, dates, honey, cacao nibs, and butter, providing a guilt-free indulgence that will make your taste buds dance with delight.

Kcal: 146, Fat: 6 g, Carb: 15 g , Protein: 8 g