Pink Hummus Wrap 48

Delight in the Pink Hummus Wrap, a vegan delight filled with cauliflower, beet, chickpea, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, all wrapped in a wholesome whole wheat spinach tortilla.

Kcal: 318, Fat: 18g, Carb: 15g , Protein: 24g

Tofu Poke Bowl 54

Savor the Tofu Poke Bowl, a vegan favorite featuring tamari glazed tofu, sweet onion, cucumber, radish, red cabbage, and rice, all in a flavorful combination.

Kcal: 324, Fat: 12g, Carb: 36g , Protein: 18g

Satay Tofu Burger 59

Indulge in the Satay Tofu Burger, a vegan treat with pickled onion, avocado, cucumber, rocca, peanut butter, and sriracha, served in a fluffy potato bun.

Kcal: 356, Fat: 16g, Carb: 33g , Protein: 20g

Tempeh Tikka Pizza 65

Enjoy the Tempeh Tikka Pizza, a 12-inch homemade herb-filled pizza dough topped with tikka spiced tempeh, peppers, tomato, mushrooms, and vegan mozzarella, all in a delicious vegan combination.

Kcal: 502, Fat: 22g, Carb: 52g , Protein: 24g

Tempeh Kale Rice Bowl 52

Nourish yourself with the Tempeh Kale Rice Bowl, featuring grilled tempeh, kale, turmeric-infused brown rice, broccoli, and edamame, all in a wholesome vegan bowl.

Kcal: 407, Fat: 19g, Carb: 39g , Protein: 20g

Pulled Tofu Quesadilla 49

Experience the flavors of the Pulled Tofu Quesadilla, filled with chipotle tofu, beans, tomato, cucumber, coriander, and vegan mozzarella, all in a satisfying vegan quesadilla.

Kcal: 395, Fat: 13g, Carb: 59g , Protein: 15g

Shepherd’s Pie 53

Dive into the Lentil Shepherd's Pie, a comforting vegan dish with mashed potato on top and a flavorful mixture of green lentils, carrot, green peas, beans, and tomato at the bottom, creating a delicious and hearty vegan meal.

Kcal: 398, Fat: 14g, Carb: 50g , Protein: 18g