Sweet Greens Covid-19 Response

The UAE government has managed the Covid-19 pandemic in a highly professional and safe manner, ensuring the safety of the country’s residents. As the co-founders of Sweet Greens, we wanted to ensure our community that our restaurant is also committed to the health and safety of our customers, clients and employees. During Covid-19, we have been operating with extra precaution to ensure your safety and have implemented the following measures on top of our existing practices:

  • Regular disinfection of entire restaurant (dine-in spaces and kitchen)
  • Frequent communication and updates to our employees on the current situation
  • Thorough and frequent hand washing for all employees
  • Periodic Covid-19 testing for all employees
  • Monitoring the evolving regulations within the UAE
  • Practising social distancing when dining in at our restaurant

Our team shall continue to operate with the strict guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), ISO and HAAD.

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